Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is magnificent!  What a contrast between the hotel room in Brooklyn and the cabin on the ship.  Both are small, but they are worlds apart.  Brooklyn was very grimy, the ship is luxuriant.  We boarded early, so had a full afternoon on board before the ship pulled out of port about 5:45.  The processing was smooth and efficient and everyone was pleasant and courteous; from the porter checking our bags out front to our tuxedoed cabin steward.  

We walked around the ship, orienting ourselves, awestruck by the size and attention to detail.  We found the 500-seat theater and Lisa and Irie did an impromptu hula on the empty stage.  Our luggage was waiting at our room when we returned so we unpacked and went to the pool for a swim.  The decks were starting to fill up with people for the departure and we simply grabbed a rail at the aft and watched as the Manhattan skyline disappeared and the Statue of Liberty waved us by.  We had a 6 pm dinner seating, so with the late departure we hurried back to the room to change.

Our room is near the bow on the 6th level while the outdoor pools and the Kid Zone are at the aft.  Walking the hall from one end to the other is what Irie calls “the never-ending hallway.” It is truly amazing how long this ship is.  Our restaurant, The Britannia Club is somewhere in the middle.  Our dinner companions for the trip are a family from Boston with 5 year old twin girls and the dad, Stefan, is a Frenchmen which is serendipitous. He and Lisa get to parlez vous, while I try to understand what they are saying. The meals have been first rate with multiple selections for appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert.  

Each morning we awake to the arrival of our room service breakfast, delivered by a handsome young man in white tails.  Ahh, good coffee and all we had to do was answer the door.  Starting the 2nd night, we have dressed formal for dinner and on the 9th we went to the Black and White Ball, while last night we put Irie in the Kid Zone and went on a date to hear some jazz. We are feeling very pampered and relaxed, life is good.

I am working on this post in the library on the 8th floor looking directly out over the front of the ship.  The Atlantic Ocean is calm but foggy which only adds to the feeling of being cocooned.  Here's the pics so far:  QM2 photos


Mom & Dad Browne said...

The best way to get tour your pics for us is to click on your Diamond Lake Oics and it takes you to your gallery.
We knew you would love the cruise, the food, the entertainment and the guests you meet.
Maggie doing fine.
Until nest time

Kari said...

Last night we watched a show on the building of the QM2. It's more luxurious than any ship we've ever taken! Enjoy every minute of the spoiling and no, you can't take your cabin steward to France with you!

ted and ruth said...

Hi Rick, Lisa, and Irie:

Enjoyed the photos of your shipboard experiences. All of you look outstanding in your formal attire. Continues to be pretty hot here in Ashland.

Norm said...

Rick, Nice post and the pictures are fantastic. We were able to see you leave Brooklyn by using the web cam on the bridge of the ship. the only problem is that is always pointing straight ahead so we could not see the skyline or Liberty. Keep up the good work and continue to enjoy yourselves.

Missy said...

Hi Rick, Lisa and Irie,
Thank you so much for the update on your adventure. The boys and I looked through the pictures tonight and enjoyed them! It gives us a taste of the adventure and I feel like we are along for the ride with you! Thanks again for keeping us in the loop. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

bren said...

Wow! What elegance. Let's us imagine and dream of being there with you. Your cabin looks very nice and much roomier than expected. Enjoy every minute then on to the next adventure. (I keep thinking "hmmmmm, how could Terri and I do this?")