Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Bonjour! I am sitting in our rental van in a McDonald's parking lot using their free Wifi as we have no internet/email access. We are currently in Alsace enjoying the best weather of the trip. Staying in a smaller but very cute and modern apt. in the tiny village of Merxheim. We call it "the compound" as it has another rental (which by luck is a family with a twin boy and girl who are 9 years old), a swimming pool, yard, badminton and ping pong. Irie is not wanting to "tour" as she just wants to stay and play with the kids and swim. Can't say I blame her. She seems to be trying harder to communicate in French which is important with one week until school starts. Today, she asked if she could walk alone the one block to the bakery and get our order. She came back with a loaf of bread, a croissant and two pastries...and the right change. Adorable!

It is about 4-5 hours drive from Paris, but a lifetime away. Small cute villages with half-timbered houses (see: photos). Vineyards climbing the hillsides everywhere. And the people are friendly and make a point of saying "bonjour." Not that the people in Paris were not friendly and helpful, but it's the big city v. small rural communities. Probably not much different than the same juxtaposition in the U.S. One of the other unique things about this region is that just as many people speak German as French. We are litterally 10 miles from the German border, and only about 45 minutes from Switzerland, so yesterday we had the opportunity to visit 3 countries in the afternoon. Lisa finally had the opportunity to live in the isolated world that Irie and I share, not being able to understand or speak the language, and she seemed happy to be back in France for a happy hour beer.

We are here until Saturday morning, then we have a big 8-hour drive to Fréjus. We will have to work on getting internet connection, but that will take a back seat to La Rentrée (the return of everyone to school and work) on Sept. 2, and then we must also apply for our carte du séjours which allows us to stay for the year. In other words, our communication will be sporadic for awhile. I'm sure I will find a way to check in when possible. Au revoir for now.


Bren said...

Merveilleaux! I want to be there with you. Have fun in school, Peeps. Love, Nana

Mom & Dad Browne said...

Hey Guys: Sounds like a nice place to be. School will be interesting for Irie, i'm sure. We are all packed, have finished last minute details, have Euro's. Leave Monday 01-09-08. Mom & Dad Browne

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful!!!!!!