Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Friday, October 24, 2008

les vacances scolaire

It is already time for the first school holiday. As I may have already explained, France has a very sane school calendar with about 2 weeks off every quarter, or every 8 weeks. This results in a summer break of 2 months instead of 3 as in the States. I know as a teacher, I stay fresher with more frequent breaks, and would happily trade our schedule for France's. As would Irie who also loves going to school 2 days on, Weds. off, 2 more days on. She doesn't mind the longer days (that go until 4:30) and calls Weds. her mini-weekend.

Anyway, we leave early tomorrow morning, catching a train to Montpellier. There the Locaboat company will pick us up (Maggie included) and take us to our boat. We will get a lesson concerning all the details of living on a boat for a week, and then we're off! There is no "barging" allowed at night so every night we must find a place to tie up. This can be in a city's port or we can simply tie up along the canal somewhere. Our trip takes us from Lattes (near Montpellier), through the Camargue which is more like a large salty lake divided from the Mediterranean by barrier islands, then into the Canal du Midi to the town of Argens. Here is our circuit. There is a nice photo gallery lower on the page, and there is also a well-done video that gives us a good idea of what we'll experience, which includes passing through 16 locks. Of course, we will post our own pictures and video upon our safe return.

Our last night on the boat is Halloween, which has grown into a popular event here in France, so Irie is bringing a costume, and will trick-or-treat in Argens. That is the plan at least. After we return the penichette, we are off to Sète for 2 nights where we will celebrate Lisa's birthday. Lisa has wanted to do a barge trip like this one for years - long before we ever dreamed of spending a year in France - so this is her birthday present. Bon Anniversaire Honey!


Anonymous said...

Very cool. Enjoy your holiday.


Norm said...

How are the accomadations compared to the QE2?

Bren said...

Sounds fabulous. Checked out their web site but can't wait for your account and pics. Love you all and Happy Birthday Lis. Love ya, Mom and Ran

Mom & Dad Browne said...

Can't wait to see your next post regarding the trip. After talking about it with you and going over the brochure you have, it sounds like something we would do.

Still sorthing the 3000 pics we took.

Mom & Dad Browne

Anonymous said...


Rick said...

oh we can't wait to post on this boat trip! (Mom and Teri, we're already wondering if this is something you might want to do.....) We found ourselves making several comparisons to the QM2!!
thanks for all the birthday wishes, it was a fantastic birthday week and a very funny Halloween. I came home today to some beautiful birthday cards.