Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Friday, December 19, 2008

Irie speaks

Bonjour! I like France so much. It is a very old place. Paris was so cool! I liked it because of the cool art, all the marble, and the Eiffel Tower. I liked the guinea pig, Muffin, in our apartment, but she pooped a lot. I was so glad when Maggie finally got here. I also liked riding the Metro and taking pictures. I missed having friends to play with so was happy when I met Tom and Clara in Alsace. We played and swam everyday and they just sent me a Christmas card.

I really like Fréjus, and our apartment. My bedroom is really cool because I like all the pictures and the turtle shell.
I'm so happy I met Abbie. She speaks english and is from Georgia in the U.S. and is 9 years old. She is my best friend in France. We play together and have sleep-overs.
School is getting way better for me, I now know what to do in class. Me and Abbie go to a special class with Madame Blanc to learn french, I really like the teacher. She also comes over and teaches my Dad. I went over to my friend Laly's for lunch, to her grandparents, last week. We ate seafood appetizers, mashed potatoes and meat, and for dessert a sugar crêpe.

Christmas this year is going to be really cool because we are going to be in the desert. We have a little tree that we found in a junk pile, but it's really pretty with ornaments Mom made, hawaiian flowers and kukui nuts. I got my Dad a big box of dark chocolates and a Morocco book and the rest of the presents are mine. I keep getting presents in the mail from family in Michigan. Since we won't be home for Christmas I have been opening presents each day. I got lifesavers and bubble gum so far from Nana and Papa, a jump rope from Aunt Missy, Uncle Randy, Kaden and Knoel, and a Sleeping Beauty dvd from Grandpa and Grandma Bailey. Merry Christmas, or as they say here in France, Joyeux Noël.


Anonymous said...


It was sooo cool to see your pictures and read your blog-you go girl. I am so jealous and excited for you the you get to go somewhere so exciting (and war)for Christmas. It is freezing here! I saw High School Musical 3 here when I got home with my son Ezra-not out on DVD yet. All the songs remind me of you. I will send you a link with more video options soon-I just need the boys to help-because they're smarter in some ways then I or maybe they care more? I love and miss you-sometimes I wish we were still roommates. Love to you and your family!


brenda said...

Bonjour na petite fille
I love you and miss you very much.
Nana and Papa had a very fun Christmas with your cousins but really missed having you with us. We can't wait to hear of all the fun and adventures you had. WOW, are we jealous!!!! Write big blogs...!
Love you, Nana