Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Friday, April 17, 2009

Visitors from Michigan

Just a quick post before we hop on the train for Paris. Lisa's mom, Brenda, and friend, Terri, arrived safe and sound Weds. afternoon. Nathalie was kind enough to drive Lisa to Nice to get them , and they came bearing American goodies. Reese's peanut butter cups, peanut M&M's, microwave popcorn, and mac & cheese and Poptarts (both Irie requests) filled the table. They've had quite the changes in weather: from beautiful and sunny Weds. afternoon, to heavy rain yesterday, to a mix of sun and rain today. I think they've been eating very well, they've been to the beach
, the market, and downtown Frejus.

Irie just got out of school and has the next two weeks off. It is her last real school vacation of this year and she is très excited. "Nana" is here, we're going back to Paris, and doing it on a night train, something she has wanted to do since she found out it was possible. We are bringing the computer so hopefully I can get a post up from Paris and from Amboise in the Loire Valley where we will be touring famous chateaux. Until's a few a gallery of Terri's photos so far.


William said...

We have the same weather here. Wednesday,Thur,Fri & Sat quite nice. Sunday about 45 with some rain and colder tomorrow. We are going to John VanderMarkt's funeral this evening. Hope it warms up for Lisa's mom. Enjoy Paris. Where are you staying in Paris?


Rick said...

Same place you did, Les Argonautes. Brenda and Terri got a room right over the LOUD alley. Rain the first day, much better yesterday, sun today! Brenda lost her passport so her and Lisa are at the US Embassy. At least we're in Paris where the Embassy is located. Another new experience :)

Taking Brenda around Paris means a lot of repeats, nothing wrong with that, but we did go somewhere new yesterday - the Catacombs! The bones of 6-7 million people are down there and they are right there to be touched. Neatly organized femurs, skulls, etc. Trippy but cool.

Off to the Chateau region in the morning.

Kari said...

Lost her passport?????

Ken said...

I've read about the catacombs. You don't suppose one of those skeltons snagged Bren's passport?

Enjoyed Terri's photos. Brought back fond memories for all of us. Especially moules for Rachel!

Have fun in the Chateau region. Enjoy the wine. We found a Burgundy at Sam's Club (they actually have an okay wine selection) from Beaune.

Soccer season is upon us. We have zero free time.

Take care

Rick said...

Brenda got a new passport at the Embassy, no problem. Nice to know.

Hoping to do a post at some point on this trip, but not now. We have tons of photos. Paris was a 3-day whirlwind. Yesterday we went to Giverny, Monet's home and gardens. What a time to visit, spring with all the flowers in bloom. Then drove about 4 hours down here to Amboise. Beautiful big apt, just remodeled. Literally right across the street from the chateau.