Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are we crazy?

Ok, feeling a bit nuts at the moment.  So much to do, but not sure what I can actually do right this moment.  So I'll sit down and type.  I hit a high point on Friday - "we're outta here, home free."  Yeah right.  Monday, reality hit me.  Weed-whacking at 3 pm, led to raking, led to an ant infestation, led to caulking a potential leak, led to emptying the hot tub, led to hurting my back, led to "o.m.g., it's 7 pm and we haven't even started dinner."  Irie did a great job of busying herself while I spent four hours doing tasks I didn't even know needed to be done when the day started.  Then we stayed up late getting the house cleaned for a showing.  (Ignore the back pain lugging full boxes upstairs to the garage. Thank god for motrin.) Please rent it!  

Realized last week that my brand new Mac laptop that I bought for the trip doesn't have a dvd burner. The video will quickly fill my hard drive if I don't have anywhere to burn it, so I order one.  A week later, I stop back into the store where I ordered it only to be told it's out of stock. "Excuse me? I have to come in here to find that out?  Ever hear of a phone?"  Customer service is so reliably bad across the spectrum, yet we continue to consume and spend.  Crazy.  See, now I'm ranting...

Oh yeah, and this: this morning I wake up to an email from flybe airline (I'll bet 99% of you have never heard of it before now) informing us that our flight has been switched from 7/15 at 7:30 am to 7/14 at 11 am.  Our ship gets in at 6 am on the 14th and we have no idea how long it will take to disembark, let alone get a cab to the airport.  I already have a hotel and rental car.  I click "I reject the flight change" and am then informed that I must call a number in England, on my (dwindling) dollar to work it out.  Well, at least I know it isn't just America.  So much for Stonehenge.

To look at this from another perspective, I have 3 more days of work and then I'm not working for 15 months!  How often can you say that?!?  I'm enjoying and reveling in all the things I love about where I live.  I'm going to miss the laid-back nature of the Northwest, our cabin, our co-op farm produce, and the beauty.  And, of course, our friends.  We have so many people here who love us, and it's been a transformative experience, this uprooting business, it kind of forces an acknowledgement of what was, what is, what will be.  Ah, the catharsis of getting out my thoughts.  


Norm said...

Yes I think you are crazy but we still love you.


Anonymous said...

oui, tu es tres fou. Mais, vous allez faire beaucoup de choses. Vous allez avoir une boum la.
hahaha. j'aime ton 'blog.' c'est tres chouette.

Rick said...

Thanks for the comment en francais Katy! I got a couple of those on my first post too. I like the idea of a bilingual blog, maybe we can all learn something. I certainly plan on including language-based stuff I learn as the trip progresses. Right now, all I'm learning is that we're "fou" or crazy. It seems everyday has a new crisis...or two.

Anonymous said...

Not crazy. I'm a bit envious, but, I'll be looking forward to each new blog entry.

I have heard of Flybe as they sponsared a premier league football team a couple of years ago.

Getting old sucks, just wait until your feet hurt at the beginning of every day..............