Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Monday, January 19, 2009

Best Job in the World!

I'm not sure if the title refers to my current "job" of dad, husband, blogger, student, and voice-over specialist, or the job that I (with thousands of others) am applying for as caretaker of an Australian island. Here is the website for the Best Job in the World. Who wouldn't want to caretake an island, travel around the island(s) and Great Barrier Reef, feed the fish, take pictures and video and blog about it, and keep the pool clean? I think we are eminently qualified! As well, the job commences July 1st, which perfectly coordinates with when we are leaving France.

I put together a 60-second video as required for the application. Unfortunately, their site has been so inundated that I can't get my application to upload, and I've been trying for days. I did send them an email with my info and a link to the YouTube and this blog. So, favor time, if any of you think I/we are perfect for this job, go to their site and send them an email about us.

Since I'm on the topic of jobs, here's a download of the commercial that was made with my voice: CERS commercial. This is not a television commercial, per se, but one that will be sent to major soccer teams and other sporting organizations throughout Europe to attract their athletes here when injured. Pretty strange hearing my voice like this.

I am also back in school. Officially enrolled in Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. Taking Gen. Psych 202 and Lifespan Development, both online courses with the same teacher that so far require a lot of reading and writing. I like both classes and being back in school, the only downside being the reality that time spent on these classes is taking away from time learning French.

Lastly, since January is a state-regulated "Sales" month, I went and bought ski clothes and a new bike, and with the good weather I have been enjoying some nice bike rides both along the coast and up in the hills.

Oh yeah, one last thing: we are having a little get-together tomorrow to watch Obama get inaugurated since they are showing it on French TV. We are excited and hopeful, but also realize he is getting handed a ton of problems. Bonne Chance!


William said...

Keeping busy! Glad you are enjoying your classes so far. Barrier reef not all bad.

Dad & Mom

William said...

Hey Rick:
Just downloaded your voice over.

Pretty darn good.


Scotticus said...

Hey Rick,

I can't remember if I saw your video while searching YouTube or actually saw it on the islandreefjob website, but regardless, SOMEONE is seeing it!

Great blog, I was an exchange student to Germany in high school and I am enjoying reading about your year in France. Good luck with the best job in the world!

Anonymous said...

Your video was freaken great!!!!! I would hire you hands down!!!!!!


Michelle et Abigail said...

Great voice over! Took forever to load but it was so cool to hear your voice...perhaps another career!

pam said...

hey it looks like your having a ton of fun. I like the videos, you all look great.