Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Monday, February 2, 2009

C'est Février déja !

We have 5 months left. It feels like our year is going so quickly. Weren't we just in Morocco? Now Janvier has come and gone. Maggie turned 5 yesterday! Today is Groundhog Day, a movie we love so much we brought it along. Sorry all you folks back home, Phil saw his shadow so it's more winter for you. I know with the winter you're having that's the last thing you want to hear. We're ready for beach weather too - it's rainy, windy and cool here. I guess that's good because it keeps me here doing my school work (when I'm not blogging :)), but it's bad because I'm not out in public practicing my French which has hit a wall. Anyway, here's a really nice Fréjus pic I've been wanting to share. Taken from the port a couple blocks away, looking at Centreville:

Many of you may have gotten an email from me this morning about The Best Job in the World. If you haven't heard about it yet, it is a 6 month job "caretaking" an island on the Great Barrier Reef! They want someone to push tourism by touring the area, being adventurous, and blogging about it. Since the job starts July 1, it seems meant to be, though I am a realist about my chances. Anyway, the application video is below so I'm asking a favor: go view it and give us a high rating. One of the 11 finalists is a wild card based on rating so send it on to all your friends too and shamelessly beg them to vote for us. :) Rick's video application

We also got motivated late last night, while most of America was probably watching the Super Bowk, and made a photo montage of Lisa doing Hula through France. Watch and enjoy.


Michelle et Abigail said...

Don't forget to update Maggie's age on your blog!

I love the video you did for Lisa, it very moving, as usual you do great work.

I voted for your video and so did Nicholas, Bon Chance!

Anonymous said...

OK-they are on to cheaters like me-they will not let me vote more than once. I sent it to Tim at work and I'll try to get him to spread it out on the H&D site. I want you to win so badly-I think it would be great and wonderful!! You would flourish like a palm with so much beauty, money and time-how could you not? Gee, I wonder if I would get to visit there as well? I also think that your video is the winningest:)!

Love to you and yours,


Nathalie said...

Très jolie video sur Lisa, la France et la Hula... et ce n'est pas fini... il y a encore beaucoup d'endroits où tu dois danser!!
Merci pour ces moments de Hula que nous partageons... je n'oublirai jamais...
Bisous Nath