Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our busy lives

We are now on school vacance #3. Irie has 2 weeks off so we are in the midst of all sorts of fun events. Luckily, the weather has been très agréable, the best in months with beautiful sunshine and temps in the 60's! A friend I graduated from high school with, Brad Hettinga, married an Italian woman, and they have been living in northwest Italy for 13 years.
They rented a house down here in St. Raphael so we have had a chance to catch up after 25 years. He has two adorable girls, Julia 12, and Sophia 8, who speak english so Irie was in heaven. We had dinner at their place on Saturday night (thanks Anna!) and this morning they came down here and we took them on a tour of the port, our favorite bakery, and some play time on the beach.

I have been busy with my two psychology classes, while Lisa is heavily involved in various classes around Fréjus. Yesterday we went to Nice for the day to enjoy Carnaval in all it's glory. We had an absolute blast, but will write a separate post on that in the next couple days after I process video. Here's a little taste:

This Saturday we are renting a car and heading into the Alps for a week. We are staying in a small village called St. Léger Les Mélèzes. We are renting a chalet, I will do a lot of skiing, and we are hoping to do a sled dog run one day. On Thursday, Ken (Lisa's step-brother), Jan, Rachel and Maddie are arriving to join us, then driving down to Fréjus for a few days. We are all looking forward to their visit, but Irie is counting the days.

We have one more 2-week school break coming (late April - early May) and Lisa's Mom and friend are flying over. We are all going to Paris for 3 days, then touring some Loire Valley Chateaux for 3 days then heading back here before Brenda and Terri take off to Italy for some fun.

Finally, we booked our tickets home. It was kind of sad, as it indicates our year is rolling along, but there it is. On July 3, we fly from Nice to Dublin to SF. Will probably stay overnight so will arrive back in Ashland on July 4. Not sure how Maggie is getting home, but we hope to send her a week or two ahead of time.


William said...

We would kill fo 60 degress. I think it is about 20 as I write this and we got about 4 more inches of snow. And it isn't even March yet.

Did you and Brad do a lot of reminising? It was nice you got to see them.

July 4, not that far away,is it, but you will have tons of memories.

Keep in mind that if we can work it out and you still want Grandpa Baileys car I would drive it out to you.

Norm said...

Hi, I am off to golf, weather will be in the 80's today. Enjoy your time off.

Brad said...

Nice pictures! Hopefully we'll get a chance to see each other again before July 3. Arenzano? Menton? Frejus? Boca?
If by chance that does not happen, I kinda get the feeling you guys will be back in France for you next vacation!
Say hi to Irie and Lisa from us.