Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sailor Irie

Irie started her sailing class today. "Faire de voile" = to sail, en français. Every Weds. morning from 9 - noon, until June 17, she will be learning how to sail her own small boat. She seemed excited when I signed her up last week, but today she did not want to go. I think, like when school was about to start, she gets nervous about new things, more so because it's in french, and it brings out the worst in her behavior. Of course, we forced her to go, and by the end of class she admitted it was fun, she made new friends, and had a good time. As the only true beginner she shared a boat today, doing the steering, but the instructor said within 4 weeks she'll be a pro - he was very outgoing and encouraging. The little boats all sailing in a row are so darn cute. The weather was fantastic, so it was a perfect excuse to hang out on the beach all morning.

Meanwhile, while we were sitting on the beach watching the lesson, a fire-fighting plane did a few practice runs, picking up water and dumping it out. I saw three of them in a row practicing last week, but didn't have my camera. Today, I filmed two of his practice runs and they are in the gallery at the top of the post.


William said...

Irie continues to amaze me.
I remeber seeing the little sail boats all like ducks in a row when we were there.
Golly 3 months left and back to reality. Ughhh!
What a great experience

Anonymous said...

Very cool, Irie! I have a friend who's daughter is the same age as you and she sails, too. They go down to Florida in the winter so she can compete sometimes. Have fun with your new sport!
Love you!
Aunt Kari