Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Friday, June 26, 2009

1 week to go!

I've got nothing. At least for a blog post. But I feel I should put something down before we leave town for our last weekend in France. We've got piles of "stuff" everywhere. Suitcases out and open on the extra twin bed in Irie's room. Clothes that we know we're taking home but don't need are in vacuum bags, clothes we might leave here if we run out of room are in another pile, and of course we are still wearing summer garb. We've taken anything that is ours off the walls and bookshelves, out of the cupboards, and are trying to sort out the rest.

We have the airline regulations down in writing: 2 checked bags each with at total weight of 36 kilos or 80 lbs. Carry on bags must be under a specific size and can weigh no more than 6 kilos or 13 lbs. That's 93 lbs. each, which may seem like a lot to someone going on a vacation, but after a year of living here we have accumulated a few things :) Just think if Brenda hadn't taken Maggie home, as well as 2 bags of our purchases and some winter clothes. Books are a big question mark. We don't want to part with books we love and books we still haven't read. Then there's the breakables and the technology gear. I'm leaving behind all the skiing clothes I bought, and our landlady is buying our bikes and helmets which is nice of her.

We have been having a week of "lasts." Last French classes, last weekend volleyball, last hula class, last sailing lessons, piano lessons and sleepovers for Irie, even last foods that we know will disappear from our regular menu. Luckily, we haven't had our last day at the beach just yet.

So here's our remaining schedule:
Tomorrow Irie has school, then after school Nathalie is driving us up to Bon Pin where we will spend the night alone as a family. It reminds us of our own cabin (that we are deeply excited to return to), but instead of a lake, it has a pool. And occasionally sanglier, or big wild pigs.

The big Bon Voyage party is Saturday up at Bon Pin, and I think they are expecting about 20 of our wonderful French friends. We have had a few fêtes up there, always fun, so we know well what to expect and appreciate, yet know that this time will be different. Hopefully it won't actually be the last time we see most of them. In any case, Lisa and I have spent the past week staying up late putting together a movie of our Year in France. We just finished it this evening (minus the burning part) and got our year condensed down to a jam-packed 48 minutes. Sunday we will return home from Bon Pin at some point, but will be in no rush.

Irie still has school this week on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. Monday she is going to Michelle and Abbie's for lunch then Laure is picking her up from school. Lisa and I were originally planning on hitting Nice one last time, but may actually hop a train someplace we haven't yet visited. Tuesday is packing day. As is Wednesday, though we also need to be packed enough to clean the apt. as our landlady visits Weds. afternoon to finalize our departure. Thursday, our last day in Frejus...hard to believe! Irie has school, and after school our friends Kurt and Stephanie are driving us and all our stuff to a hotel near the Nice airport.

Friday morning the big return trip ensues. Flying Nice to Dublin to Boston to San Francisco - a total of 20 hours - arriving into SF after 9 pm (PST). A friend from Ashland is picking us up in her van and driving us home with an expected arrival at The Nabes at about 4 am. We have every intention of crawling out of bed 5 hours later to attend the 4th of July parade. What a homecoming. Assuming all goes as planned. So there it is in black-and-white. Yikes. So much for having nothing to say...


Ken said...

Have a wonderful weekend at Bon Pin! I can close my eyes and imagine the scents of lavender and other herbs and plants that grow wild in Provence.

It sounds as if your trip home is well planned. Hopefully you will have no problems.

We're off to Wellston for a weekend of camping and rafting on the Pine with a bunch of friends.

Rick said...

Thanks again for getting me those MI photos quickly. the finished DVD looks great (In my opinion), but hey we're the ones who lived it!

Anonymous said...

Smiling from ear to ear over here.....pained for your departure there, but pleased for your return here. I love you-don't know how to contact you when you arrive-will not add myself to the crew that will inevitably pounce on let me know what suits you and what is reasonable-not overwhelming. Just a friendly reminder-we have space here...and a are always welcome.