Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Monday, June 1, 2009


fêter--to celebrate; une fête--festival, party; un fêtard--reveler; être en fête--to be in a party mood

Though not yet June 21, it's summer in the South of France and tout le monde has woken from hibernation to be outside and celebrate something. Sometimes it's an organized event, often it's celebrating life with loved ones. Photos from the past week

May 26 was the Fête de Voisins (Festival of Neighbors). We enjoyed an apéro out in the garden. We reminisced about Maggie and brainstormed with the neighbors about coming back to France. And of course Irie made a new friend.

This weekend we went down to St. Aygulf to catch the kite surfing championships.
Rick had 2 lessons in kite surfing last fall and I can see his reluctance to take it up again. There was wicked wind and all the spectators were lined up along the back of the beach, semi-protected from the wind. Interestingly, the kite surf beach shares territory with the nude beach. It reminded me a bit of the seal beaches found in Northern California....

With the extended light and warm weather we were able to bien profiter with Édouard, Marielle, and Séréna out on their patio and its gorgeous views. The nice weather also sees the "opening" of Bon Pin; Nathalie and Laurent were ever welcoming and we enjoyed a typical French Sunday of too much libation and the ensuing drowsiness. There was a bit of work as well: Rick helped Laurent with the pool cover and mowed part of the lawn. When Laurent teased Rick about knowing how to work a lawnmower (la tondeuse) they all got the story of Rick's first encounter with Norm.

We have been seriously celebrating the beach, and living near the beach. It's really a treat to get in a hour or two of swim time after Irie gets out of school. Both Abbie and Laly are eager swim companions. And since Rick and I don't work... well, let's just say we're tan. La Méditerranée has warmed up to a refreshing 23°. Rick continues to play basketball with Édouard pretty much weekly, and has started playing beach volleyball too. See if you can notice the effects of sun and sea on Rick and Irie's hair!


Norm said...

Hey Rick, aren't you glad that I taught you how to run a lawn mower? You must have made quite an impression on your friends. Oh, by the way did you keep the lines straight?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your tan bodies...and the rest of you too!!!!