Fréjus, France

Fréjus, France
Aqueduc Romain

Friday, June 19, 2009

Crazy Times

Well, I guess it's time for another post. We leave in exactly 2 weeks, hard to believe! So many things going on at once that posting on the blog isn't at the top of my list of "things to do," but I'm going to pound one out right now, first thing in the morning. We passed a year away from home on June 16. Working on a video year-in-review for our going-away party next weekend.

1st: It's HOT! Yesterday was probably around 90. We face the problem of the French not believing in screens for doors or windows so if we choose to leave them open then every night we go on a mosquito hunt so we don't get chomped in the night.

2nd: Irie had her last day of sailing on Weds. - an all-day affair that left her tired and her face slightly sunburned. They sailed their little boats way out to Le Lion de Mer island,, around to a beach in St. Raphael, and back. Her instructor said she was excellent. Here she is!

3rd: June 5th was World Environment Day and they showed this film - HOME - on TV throughout France that night while also showing it on a big screen under the Eiffel Tower. The first 5-10 minutes are the least exciting, basically a quick summary of where we came from, but after that it is fantastic! The visuals are simply amazing! It's 90 minutes long and free at the link above. Give it a watch.

4th: Busy weekend ahead. Tonight is Irie's reward for doing her piano recital. A sleepover with 4 girls in this small apartment should be an interesting night for all of us. Irie, Abbie, Laly and Théa. Irie's question of "should we watch a movie in french or english?" is indicative of how this is no ordinary sleepover.

Tomorrow we are having Irie's teacher and his girlfriend over for dinner, then on Sunday night is the France-wide event Fête de la Musique. Every year on the night of the Summer Solstice, "the longest day of the year," they have music and dance performances throughout the country. Paris, I assume will be a complete madhouse with big-name acts. Here they will have multiple stages along the plage and according to friends the beach will be packed. Should be fun...

5th: Logistics for returning home are falling into place. A friend, Phaedra, from Ashland has incredibly offered to drive to SF, pick us up at the airport in her van, and drive us home. Assuming no disruptions, we will arrive at John and Taylor's about 4 am (after 30 hours of travel) and crash in their extra room. The 4th of July parade begins at 9;30 am and we plan to be there.

6th: I've mostly left the politics off this blog with the exception of celebrating Obama's election and how much that meant to us. However, I am deeply interested in what is happening in Iran right now - this could be the most important global event in years! These are my thoughts: This is the Iranian people's chance for true democracy and I support them 100%. They are not our enemies! The multitudes of peaceful demonstration and opposition are an inspiration to the world. I also support Obama not meddling and letting the Iranians solve this themselves. I do believe his approach is best, and unlike his Neocon predecessors whose hardline stance solved nothing but ratcheting up tensions and distrust around the world, I believe his own election and Cairo speech were a direct inspiration for what is taking place in Iran right now. Countries revolt and change from within, and these brave millions thronging the streets are human beings who desire much the same things we do - they are not faceless enemies to be bombed into submission. Bon courage and godspeed to them!!!

Mainstream American news sources are not doing their jobs on this historic event, so if you are interested in reading what is happening over there, I suggest


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